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What is Linkbucks?

Youv'e seen it everywhere? but don't know what it is?
Linkbucks is a Pay Per Click site (PPC) which involves converting normal ordinary links into linkbucks links which generate income everytime they are clicked on. With a payout at $5 and instant payment, linkbucks is sure the way to go.

For those of you who would like to take part in linkbucks i have the following steps for you.

Step1 :
Register on Register Here

Step2 :
Once the account is created, head over to the CreateLinks tab.
You should see something like this
Link to Convert:

i.e. '' (must include 'http://')

Landing Page Content is:

Ad Type:
(What is this?)

Alias URL:

In the link to convert box, place the link you would like to convert to generate money
Set Landing page : to Clean
Add Type : Intermission
Aliais Url :

these settings will generate maximum income

Step3 :
Once your link is generated, place on forums/websites or even give to friends and generate money :)

Bonus Step :
If would like to generate money fast then watch this video, which shows how an autoclicker can get you $5 a day !

           Heres how to use:

                                  Direct  : Download 

                                     Download Direct DropBox


1) Register on linkbucks website
2) Download the AutoClicker :
3) Extract using WinRar
4) Run the EXE file
5) Go back to the link bucks website, and create a link
6) Copy paste the link into the textbox and ever 20seconds it will be clicked
7) Leave your computer running to generate more money
8) Spread the program and your link and get others to click your link to multiply your income :)

           LinkBuCks & Adf.Ly Proxy AutoClicker

4 File One Download


Download Direct : DropBox

                                             Direct  : Download